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Atari 2600: Demon Attack

Easily one of the most loved games on the 2600, Demon Attack is a shooter that really shows off the colorful graphics that were a staple of the Imagic library. At first glance one might mistake Demon Attack for Phoenix. This is due to the waves of bird-like aliens that swoop down at your lonely laser cannon. The pulsing sounds rise in pitch as you destroy the creatures one by one. Just when you think you've wiped them all out, another wave begins, this time even harder than the last one.

Many players enjoy Demon Attack because of its simple yet fun game play. Others love it because it is easy to rack up large scores and long games due to the fact that you are rewarded with an extra laser cannon for each wave you complete. This game also has a couple of ways for two players to play together, either competing against one another or in co-op mode where control of the cannon alternates between players.

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Reviewer: KieferSkunk - - January 3, 2014
Subject: Simple and elegant, just the way it should be.
Demon Attack was one of my all-time favorite 2600 games. It succeeded where many other games on the system failed, by being a very simple game with a good presentation and an excellent level of challenge, while at the same time not trying to be too much for the 2600's limited capabilities. It wasn't too long after Demon Attack came out that manufacturers started trying to squeeze more advanced graphics and gameplay out of this system, but more advanced systems like the Intellivision and ColecoVision were needed before gameplay could really rise to the next level.

As of this writing, there's one small inaccuracy in this game's description. You are only awarded an extra laser cannon if you finish a level without losing any lives, up to a maximum of six lives. In my opinion, this made the game extra challenging.
Reviewer: billyjoecain - - December 29, 2013
Subject: Amazing Game!
I loved this as a kid and even got a poster for reaching a high score!

One of the best games on the 2600!
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